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Free 2oz Hand Sanitizer Details

American Green is committed to providing quality products that enhance the lives of our customers.

Moreover, we understand that the current times have made it increasingly difficult to obtain certain essential care items such as hand sanitizer.

We are currently offering a free 2oz hand sanitizer bottle with every order (view products priced low – high) .

While proper hand-washing is a more effective way to combat germs, alcohol-based hand sanitizers offer an “on-the-go” solution to sanitizing hands and surfaces (when soap and water are not available or practical).

Our 2 oz. hand sanitizers adhere (they contain 62% alcohol) to the CDC’s recommendation for alcohol-based hand sanitizers (alcohol-based hand sanitizers should contain at least 60% alcohol).

It’s important to note that products containing 60-95% alcohol by volume are considered to be effective antiseptics that can help combat germs (when soap and water are not available).

This pandemic has provided us the opportunity to show our customers, supporters and the world that we are an honest company dedicated to the greater good of all humanity.

With absolute integrity, we are happy to shift some of our production to a cause for the greater good, and hope that our honest effort will have a small but positive impact on the current global crisis.

We look forward to a bright and prosperous future in 2020 and beyond.

Stay Safe and Be Well,
The American Green Team

You can activate this offer by making any purchase from our store.

More Information

Who Qualifies For This Offer?

Is There A Minimum Spend Required?

Is There A Minimum Spend Required?

No, we are shipping every order out with a free bottle of hand sanitizer, while supplies last.

How Much Is Shipping?

How Much Is Shipping?

All of our products come with free shipping.
Our 2oz hand sanitizers ship free with any order.

Can I Purchase Your Hand Sanitizer Separately?

Can I Purchase Your Hand Sanitizer Separately?

Unfortunately no.
We want to help as many people as possible and do not believe that profiting off the pandemic is ethical.
Our 2oz hand sanitizers are 100% free with any purchase.

Are There Any Limitations To This Offer?

Are There Any Limitations To This Offer?

Yes, this offer is limited to (1) offer per household every 7 days, while supplies last.


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